New York Festivals 2010 Television & Film Awards Announces New Categories: Event Venues, Best Sports Reporter, Best Interview, and Best Entertainment Newscast, added to 2010 Competition.

New York, NY | November 04, 2009

New York Festivals Television & Film Awards, honoring the “World’s Best Work”, has added a cache of exciting new categories to the 2010 competition. For the first time ever, the competition will introduce the category Event Venues, encompassing all arena and stadium productions. This new subcategory is designed to recognize this uniquely creative and profitable industrial programming niche, and honor those industry professionals. Additional categories announced include new subcategories in: Craft/Technique: Feature/Shorts; News: Program; Regularly Scheduled Entertainment Program; and Student.

The new Event Venue subcategory, initiated under the Industrial Productions Program lineup, includes Arena or Stadium presentations, video assets, digital displays, and scoreboard highlights. “There is a whole world of closed circuit programming made possible by advances in technology, and the sophistication level of stadium shows is so high, it’s a natural to include this category in the competition.” said Rose Anderson, Director of NYF’s Television & Film Awards. Just added Television categories under the News: Program lineup include: Best Sports Reporter/Correspondent; Best Entertainment News Reporter/Correspondent; Best Entertainment Newscast; and Best Interview. Other categories of note in the Regularly Scheduled Entertainment Program category include: Traditional Game show; Reality Game show; and Reality TV. New additions to the Craft/Technique: Features/Short categories include Introductions/Lead-ins and Film Trailers.

In an effort to showcase inspiring student work and salute the new generation of television professionals, a student competition has been added with five exciting sub categories: Best On-campus TV Station; On-campus Sports; On-campus News; On-campus Talk show and Best On campus Anchor/Report. These new categories, created by the recently appointed Ms. Anderson, a former Sports Emmy and broadcast television veteran, reflect the vision and insight that only a seasoned industry professional can bring to the competition. The categories increase the relevancy of the competition by addressing current trends and encompassing all facets of programming and production in the evolving Television and Film Industry.

The 2010 New York Festivals World's Best TV Programs & Films Final Deadline for entries is November 16th. The competition’s Television categories include: news; documentary; information and entertainment programming; music video; infomercial; promotion; spots; openings; and IDs. The competition will salute Film & Video categories, such as feature length, short and documentary films, informational, educational, corporate and industrial film productions, as well as home video and student productions. To view a complete list of categories, visit

All winning entries of the 2010 World's Best TV Programs & Films will be featured in the showcase section of New York Festivals website and promoted by our network of international representatives in 84 countries around the world.

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