International TV Programming & Promotion 'Best Of Show' Honors Presented At New York Festivals Gala

New York, NY | February 07, 2007

Outstanding television production creativity from Austria, Australia, the USA, and Canada netted TV Programming & Promotion Grand Awards at the 2007 New York Festivals’ gala dinner and awards ceremony held February 2nd, at NYC’s fabled Broad Street Ballroom.

Distinguished members of the New York Festivals International Board of Judges chose Grand Awards recipients from among the highest scoring Gold Medalists in the competition. Entries were received from television producers, stations, and networks in 36 countries around the world. Grand Award honorees are:


  • MUSIKVERGNUEGEN, HOLLYWOOD, CA, USA; ESPN: - A bold, inspirational, majestic, orchestral theme providing an expansive counterpoint to visuals which transform an entire city into a huge playing field for ESPN’s NFL Monday Night Football launch.



  • CANADIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION; THE FIFTH ESTATE: ROGUE AGENT - An original investigation into the high-profile contract murder hit NHL star Mike Danton took out on his agent.



  • THIRTEEN/WNET NEW YORK: NATURE:THE QUEEN OF TREES - A delicate dance of survival depicting the love story between nature’s oddest couple: a tiny wasp and a giant fig tree. Their remarkable story is distinguished by spectacular close-up imagery captured in Kenya’s outback. 



  • ORF AUSTRIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION, VIENNA, AUSTRIA: DAS EIS BRICHT/BREAKING ICE - A mother and father’s relationship cannot withstand the emotional conflict between them as their two children, rescued after half an hour at the bottom of a frozen lake, lie in comas from which their doctors do not expect them to awake. 



  • THE AUSTRALIAN CHILDREN€™S TELEVISION FOUNDATION ENJOY ENTERTAINMENT, FITZROY, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA:MORTIFIED - An irreverent, affectionately told story about a misfit on the verge of adolescence and her retreat into a rich, imaginative inner world of surprisingly reality-anchored adventures.


"Best of Show Awards represent the epitome of production and creative excellence," remarked New York Festivals’ CEO Jimmy Smyth. "Each of this year’s winning productions is eminently qualified for its special honor."


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