International Awards Group Announces New CEO

New York, NY | December 12, 2006

International Awards Group announced today that Jim Smyth has assumed the role of chief executive officer. The following is a letter from the company's executive director announcing the move.


I am pleased to announce that the International Awards Group, which if you don't already know, owns the New York Festivals, the AME Awards, the Midas Awards and The Global Awards, has a new leader. You might recognize his name: Jim Smyth. Jim Smyth is the person that resurrected Clio in 1992 after the competition's fall from grace in 1991 and enabled people from all over the world to once again display that trophy in their offices. Without Jim, Clio would not exist today. Well, he is back and we are delighted to have him with us. 

But who really cares about the organizers of advertising and programming festivals? Not too many people! What you should know is that Jim has a real understanding and passion for advertising and programming. Also understand that Jim will elevate the stature and size of our competitions. Currently, we are the third largest international competition in the world, yet few people know it. Well, I assure you that with Jim aboard, that is going to change. 

During the past few years there have been a number of changes in our company. Some good, and some not so good. Now that Jim has taken over, you will see a marked improvement in all of our competitions. The first is we are moving the 2007 New York Festivals International Advertising Competition awards gala to the second week in June. And it will stay there forever! The deadline to enter the 2007 advertising competition is February 19, so keep us in mind when you are allocating your award show budget. 

You will also see a marked improvement in our marketing and in our showcasing of the award winning work and its creators because it's not just about winning, it's about telling the world you won.

This coming year marks the company's 50th anniversary. That's right - 50 years! It promises to be an exciting year and we will be sharing it with you.

We wish all of you a very healthy and happy holiday season and a great New Year.


Michael Demetriades
Executive Director